Friday, July 9, 2010

Emergency Cake

So, this relentless craving for chocolate cake has led me to this post. Call it PMS, call it fixation, call it haberdashery...whatever it is, I'm calling it Emergency Cake. If it could be encased in a small glass box, mounted on my kitchen wall with a tiny culinary hammer to tap the glass, so this insanely good cake could be released to me in my time of need, then I would have that installed today.

But, since that is not on the docket for the day, I will show you how stupid-easy this is to make! This is the proverbial bandage for those aching emotional issues. I know we are not to eat to deal with our issues...but this is not a cure, think of it more like a momentary taste bud trip equal to the effect of laughing gas.

Okay, remember last week, when I shared the Egg-Free Chocolate Cupcake recipe with you? Well, since I made them I could not stop thinking about them. The problem was, I didn't just want a sweet little cupcake. I wanted a SLAB of chocolate cake. I wanted something I could really sink my teeth into and feel like I ate a lead pipe afterwards.

So all you gotta do is click here for the cake recipe and then below is the easiest chocolate cake topping ever...GANACHE.

For the cake, I tweaked some things. First off, I baked it in an 8x8 pan (glass). Same temperature. It took about 37 min. to bake. I think I flipped it out of the pan a little too early (remember, this was an emergency) and broke off the corner of the cake, but I just stuck it back together again...better than Humpty-Dumpty, without any help from the king's horses or men. I then cut it into squares and topped with ganache. Oh my.


1 cup heavy cream, heated until just bubbling
1 cup dark chocolate chips ( I used Gharidelli 60% cacoa)

Mix together. Keep mixing...don't give up. Now, mix with a whisk until extremely smooth. Set aside as your cake cools. Top your cake with this liquid heaven. I did each individual square as I served myself.

So basically, I had my chocolate fix in about an hour, which is faster than most ambulances.

Shiny, luscious ganache, destined for greatness.

There are no words...

First bite.

Don't leave those little morsels.

Viola! That owl looks kinda jealous. Sorry, creepy bird.

Now you know what to do in case of an emergency. CPR is for wimps.*

*note: this is not medical advise from a healthcare professional. only a foodie would say that.

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