Monday, November 22, 2010

Dumped..PFB Style

I was flushed, chopped, aced, sacked, dumped, let go- however you like to say it, along with a few other fabulous bloggers in Project Food Blog 2010, Challenge #7. I've had some time to lick my wounds and there's three response options I have to choose from: one, be mad and bitter; two, take it on the chin with a smile or three, make myself a chocolate milkshake and cry in it. I did the last one. And it tasted good.

The challenges themselves were one of my favorite things of the entire contest. Normally I would tell you that I love being able to blog about whatever I want, whenever I want, BUT having perimeters put on how and when you blog creates a pressure cooker of creative madness. I love those boundaries because it gets the juices flowing and makes me uncomfortable, thus, building my confidence as I try new things- even if those things don't always turn out perfect.

Along with the personal challenges and creative bursts I loved gaining new readers and in turn, finding so many new blogs to visit! I was overwhelmed by the creativity and skills of all the contestants and greatly touched by the comments and well-wishes from so many readers. If anything, this contest gave my still-infant blog a great boost.

I learned that I can make a petit four with much perseverance; work the eighties hair while eating out of my Project Food Blog cooler; make a sandwich into a pizza with a romantic narrative garnish; I could cook things I never imagined- i.e. liver- and learn what I thought I already knew...I don't like it; have one of the best birthdays ever and record it in a post; and finally, put my real-life chocolate emergency into a video with bad British accents and a schmear of chocolate on my face.

Thank you for all your love and support. Couldn't have done it without you.

Love ya, Foodies!
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