Friday, October 15, 2010

A Bunch of Tidbits

Most adorable sous chef, ever.

You know I am loving this Project Food Blog thing. It has been very challenging and inspiring. It's been time-consuming and at times, ridiculous. But I really, really love it. We will see if I  move on to the next round this afternoon.

I guess, I just wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude to everyone that has stopped by Foodie House recently. The PFB has generated much more exposure for little 'ol me in the past few weeks. I've gained more readers and found some new favorite blogs in the process. I wanted to share some of those new favorites with you and basically give you a big, fat, juicy kiss via this post, for all your support and love. So MWUUUUAHHHHH! There, you've been "kissed".

Some of my new favs are: (these are not all, just a taste.)

Jenn at Much to My Delight- freakin' hilarious is mostly what I have to say. Crafting, cooking and just all-round artsy-cool. That and I think she's my sister from another mister.

Susi at Susi's Kochen Und Backen Adventures- Susi just rocks. This woman can cook and bake like nobody's business. Her photos are incredible and everything she does just reeks excellence.

Michelle at Jelly Shot Test Kitchen- Oh my gosh! If you want to see some beautiful, incredibly creative drinks, scoot on over to see Michelle at JSTK. The photos are amazing and her drink combinations are so cool and classy. Not to mention, that they are all jello-shots. Bottoms up!

Let's see, other news and reports...I've got a guest post on Sticks Forks Fingers today!! Pam is off in New Zealand with her Hubby for their honeymoon and asked me and Jason from Ancient Fire Wine Blog to do some guest posts. I was so excited! It's my very first one, and if you would like to get some history on the Hubs and I, well, do come over to Pam's for a wine review and an engagement story, complete with pictures of Yours Truly, eleven years ago. I also do my best to do a "wine review" with the Hubs. It was challenging.

What else? Oh! I keep meaning to mention that I am on Twitter. I continually try and get that little "Follow Me" Twitter birdy on my blog, but Blogger refuses to let me have it. SO, I am just telling you. My username is "foodiehouse". So add me to your following and I will do the favor in return! I am still trying to figure Twitter out. I see many of my friends on there doing all this fancy RT and # stuff and I am overwhelmed. I've been visiting the "Help Center" trying to help myself. If you have any tips, I would be very grateful to hear what you have to say.

Washing machine update: Okay, so yesterday morning the delivery guy shows up on time and with my new washer. (if you didn't read my last post, my washer was on the total fritz and flooded my laundry room!) Anyways, he sets it up and checks it. Seems to be fine. I go to do my first load of a now GINORMOUS pile of laundry and half-way through I start smelling a burnt rubber smell. (The delivery guy is, of course, now long gone.)

You know when you get a new blender or some sort of appliance and it gives off that burnt plastic smell? Like that but 100 times worse. I threw the windows open and turned on the fan. I was bracing myself for the smoke alarm to go off. I couldn't see smoke, but the smell was so strong. A headache and an irritated call to customer service later, I 've got a new washer coming to me on Saturday. Thank God I bought the kids some new underwear at Target yesterday. You know your laundry is backed up when your Hubs has nothing to wear to work but a mock turtleneck and a jock strap and your doing dishes in a formal gown and a nursing bra.

Okay, Foodies. I think that catches us up. Whether I do or don't move on to the next round of PFB, I will show you my twist on pizza. It turned out pretty yummy. I'm excited to share it with you.

Love ya!
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