Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Spicy Little Number

The Hubs LOVES hot peppers. He puts them on everything. When his last jar of hot peppers ran out, he quickly started gathering more peppers from the garden and dropping hints about how much his pizza, meatballs or bowl of cheerios (kidding) needed some spice.

I donned the latex gloves and started chopping and chopping and chopping. Oh, my god! Could he have picked more peppers? Is there nothing left but stems out in the garden now? Will my eyeballs still be in my head after I finish this pot of peppers? Or will they be dissolved by the fumes?

I survived. But I will say, this was the hottest, frickin' batch of peppers I have ever made! What kind of peppers did she use, you say? Well, jalapeno, Anaheim, Hungarian Wax and some mini hell-peppers (yes, long lost cousins of the tiny hell-cakes.) I don't know what the red ones are called, but they grow in my garden and are unbelievably hot.

Use whatever peppers you like:

Pickled Hot Peppers

Keeps for weeks in the fridge. Will keep spice-hungry husbands happy for the same amount of time.

1 cup white vinegar
1/2 cup sugar
1 tbsp. salt
1 tsp. cracked pepper
1 cup cool water
2 cloves garlic, smashed but whole
2-3 cups sliced peppers

In microwave, cook vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper in glass bowl for 2 minutes. Stir until salt and sugar are dissolved. Pour over garlic and peppers. Add water and stir.  Pour into glass jar (I used a washed applesauce jar) and store in fridge.

Have fun burning your face off. If you don't do that, you can always do some voting for Work It, Girl!...HERE.

Love ya, Foodies!

P.s. Can I tell you, once again, how much I love each and everyone of you? Can I tell you how much your support and votes mean? Your comments have been a joy to read and have touched my heart. Thank you, again and again and again!


  1. You nut! Don't rub your eyes after doing all that. You know you always have my vote.

  2. I never grew up with spicy foods... but now I'm in love. I can't get enough hot peppers... I'll take them however I can get 'em. And these pickled hot peppers look like their right up my alley.

  3. My Baby just informed me (via the telly as our very modern I-work-out-of-town-part-of-the-week arrangement requires) that we have 300 little red peppers ready to go in the garden. I'd thought of stringing them on a ristra, but maybe this will be better.

    Vote for Lauren, people!!

  4. Ah - a cure for the mountain of jalapenos on my counter! I'm thinking I'll try freezing some of these too. Thanks!!! Kate @ kateiscooking

  5. MMMMM I love spicy food too! I frew up in a hispanic family where nothing was ever too spicy. This though of invincibility to heat caused a lot of problems later on in my life when I didn't put gloves on when working with hot peppers. Big mistake!!! I had fire hands. :(

    These look delicious! I am totally gonna try this. Yum yum!!

  6. I LOVE spicy stuff too! These peppers would be great on just about anything--maybe even cereal! ;-) They do look like they are super hot though! Your photos are excellent.

  7. This is a pickle made in heaven.... Or is it hell? Love the colors and I bet your hubs is one happy guy to have this eye-popping jar in the house! ;-)

  8. Looks lovely. There is always room for peppers. ;) It's an all purpose addition imo.

  9. Hi Lauren

    even being half mexican, I never had a taste for really spicy food.. I always marveled at people who could eat killer hot peppers...sigh.
    Your images are beautiful, I hope you get some of them to Food Gawker!! and I love the title, although I must admit the post was about you!!

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  10. Love the peppers! Have done that before myself and almost "died" from all the fumes in the kitchen. We could barely breathe when everything was set and done, but they were sure tasty LOL My vote is in! Can't wait to see your next round entry!

  11. we make hot peppers pickle in Turkey too.. but they r reall hot, in my family just my mum can handle to eat it;)

  12. i love to have this with some fried noodles:) sounds so good. thank you for sharing this.

  13. Lauren! Congrats on advancing to the next challenge--Working Girl rises to the top! I am looking forward to seeing what's next!

  14. Hey, hotstuff! They look so colourful and delicious, but are obviously deceiving as they may burn your eyeballs. Don't do what I did once, and take your contacts out right afterwards. OUCH!

  15. That looks like a fine Christmas present for my dad! He could eat a ball of fire and not get burned. And what's this I hear about advancing again in the challenge?! Woo-hoo!

  16. Lauren, you are rockin' the PFB Contest! Keep it up!!! You go girl!!! Those peppers look so pretty all together. I love peppers but my hubs... ummm... not so much. If I use one tiny sprinkle of red pepper flakes, his tongue is burning. So we typically don't have too many peppers in this house!

  17. I adore hot peppers...and Ryan can tolerate them as long as he has plenty of sour cream or cheese to tone them down! Thank you for sharing...the colors in these pickled peppers are just stunning. And you will always have my support...your blog just happens to be one my most favorite places!

  18. Oh how we love spiciness in this house too! Well, the grownups anyway. I will have to give this a try! We like the Mexican version of this with pickled carrots in it. Put it on everything!


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