Monday, October 25, 2010

Totally Rad Voting

After the whirlwind of blog post construction, I sat down with my kids and we did some pumpkin painting. I figure this form of pumpkin decoration is safer for the tiny tots and possibly mommy too. (I'm notorious for cutting and burning myself in the kitchen) So we broke out the washable paints, that smell really weird. It's like rose-scented bathroom spray. So gross.

Initially I had just the two older kids do the painting, fearing Tiny would indulge in some paint-inspired amuse bouche before dinner, but it was killing me that he was not included in the festivities. So I armed him with two Q-tips dipped in a tiny dose of paint. He did great!- no snacking.

Bubba and Boo, dressed in their over-sized t-shirts, got to work choosing colors and creating pumpkin works of art. Boo was more interested in feeling the "squishy-squishy" paint and Bubba was focused on his craft...or "craps". Even mommy got into the painting and did a strange tribal-esque pumpkin.

I hope you all are enjoying the 80's inspired Road Trip entry for PFB Challenge #6, Work It, Girl!. If you thought it was totally rad, then you can click the link below to vote!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has voted! Your kind words and encouraging comments have meant so much to me!

Love Ya, Foodies!


  1. Adorable pictures of the kids painting the pumpkins :o) My vote is in! Hope you advance, would love to see your bubbly personality in a video :o)

  2. Awwww. I love the kids. Tiny looks like he knows what he is doing!

  3. as rad as they to vote.....

  4. How cute are they!!!!! I need to paint instead of carve, too. Thanks for the idea, and you've got my vote, fo sho!

  5. Your hair is fantastic! I'm not sure I remember how to do that with my bangs. So impressed.

  6. Adorable.
    Rad - yeah, there's a word I haven't used in a couple decades!
    Here's another word that we used a lot then: copacetic!
    Your rad post is totally copacetic Lauren!
    Good luck, as always!

  7. I casted my vote! I love that they enjoyed "crap" time lol!! Another fun post. :)

  8. You definitely had my vote! Loved your entry! And I love this post! The pumpkins look too cute, and so do your kids!


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