Monday, August 9, 2010

Viet-Me 2: Won-Ton Soup and Mr. Grumpers

I need toothpicks to pry my eyelids open this morning. I've had my energy bar and coffee, but no luck. Just groggy and saggy.

I'm doing my best to press through and bring you a post. I definitely think it's worth it. Comfort in a bowl. A bowl which we arranged ourselves around, on Saturday at my kind neighbor's house (Teri), to drink in the homemade broth and a buffet of additions.

She had everything ready as we walked in. The beauty of the ingredients, colors, textures and smells was exhilarating to the senses. I was one tired Mama and I needed that meal. I was outta breath from doing a mad dash grocery run, chaotic grocery puttin-away and crazy child round-up, all without forgetting the following: cupcakes that I made during the morning madness, (pre-grocery), ingredients to make icing, dressing for salad and salad components, diapers, wipes, sippy cups, baby snacks, banana, baby food, baby spoon, bottle with milk, pacifier with pacifier holder and most importantly the Mickey Mouse DVD that the 3 year old tots are obsessed with right now. That DVD means I can eat in peace. Phew.

Teri started by escorting us through the won-ton soup procession. Noodles first, then lettuce, green onion, fried onion, fried pork, boiled shrimp, imitation crab meat, chives and finally the won-tons. Then everything was covered in a hot broth that she made. It was delicious! After the broth, you can top that with sesame oil and soy sauce. I love sesame oil. So rich and toasty tasting. It made the meal.

Check out the Hubs' special giant bowl. He took care of business, no problem-o.

We took turns holding Wil and eating. The kids ate pretty good but being how Bubba was feeling a bit grumpy we just left him to himself during lunch.

I mean really...if looks could kill.

After lunch, she made us Vietnamese coffee. Such a treat! I was in love with the process that made this caffeine-packed liquor. Sweetened condensed milk sits in the bottom of the cup, awaiting the hot coffee to come and drip down upon it. Stir and drink hot, or like Teri made for us, pour it over ice. It's so damn hot here. We had to cool down.

Then of course, we needed some sweets. I made the orange chocolate cupcakes again. This time I used a Cara Cara orange...amazing flavor! Bubba was still Mr. Grumpers, mainly because Mommy put the kibosh on him having another cupcake. It was going to be nap time in 15 minutes and with his sleepy disposition, I knew we must be successful with nap time. So no double cake time. Sorry, Bud. I did assure him, however, that there would be a cupcake with his name on it after dinner that night.

He continued to swat at the cupcakes to show his irritation with my matriarchal decree, but I caught his hand each time just before he took down a row of the chocolaty cakes.

All in all, it was a fun time. Teri is such a gracious host, pampering us with her food and love. I look forward to any time spent with her. Thank you, Teri!
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