Monday, September 27, 2010

Vote Away, Me Hearties!

Let's hope I don't forget that moustache and end up at the grocery looking like a pirate.

What's with the pirate shenanigans? I know, it has nothing to do with Danish food. Blame, my kids. I do. They've been on a pirate kick and every night I read the same pirate story, in the same pirate voice. My husband laughs, as I read, because I always end up sounding more like a leprechaun than a pirate.

So, all that to say VOTING HAS BEGUN! If you liked my Danish Delights for Challenge 2, then CLICK HERE TO VOTE! Voting ends Sept. 30th!

If ye be a liver-lovin' landlubber than this be the choice for ye! ARRRGH! Send me ship a sailin' on to the next challenge, me hearties!

Thank ye much!

Love ya, Foodies!
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