Monday, September 27, 2010

Vote Away, Me Hearties!

Let's hope I don't forget that moustache and end up at the grocery looking like a pirate.

What's with the pirate shenanigans? I know, it has nothing to do with Danish food. Blame, my kids. I do. They've been on a pirate kick and every night I read the same pirate story, in the same pirate voice. My husband laughs, as I read, because I always end up sounding more like a leprechaun than a pirate.

So, all that to say VOTING HAS BEGUN! If you liked my Danish Delights for Challenge 2, then CLICK HERE TO VOTE! Voting ends Sept. 30th!

If ye be a liver-lovin' landlubber than this be the choice for ye! ARRRGH! Send me ship a sailin' on to the next challenge, me hearties!

Thank ye much!

Love ya, Foodies!


  1. That picture had me almost spit coffee all over my screen LOL My vote is in :o) Arrrrgh!!!!

  2. OMG! You're crazy! I don't have the guts to put something like that out there in cyberspace. I'm afraid someone will blackmail me with it in 10 years.

  3. You're crazy... and I love you for that! :-)

  4. How could I not vote for someone as cute and crazy as you! Of course, my dear, of course!

  5. HAHA! We think alike. That is scary. You will see that this even more true if I get through this Challenge and on to the next (yes, I have done the next one already because I fly out of Boston to San Francisco tomorrow to help my daughter with my first grandson that isn't even here yet). I love all your posts and read them all. We are sisters for different mothers.

  6. Thats funny! Ahoy! Are ye after me lucky Charms then as well as me vote, then?! Yar! Cheers, Michelle

  7. Us RWOP sisters will stick together for sure! Happy to support you and will be cheering you on all the way! Good Luck!

  8. you are just too funny....a pirate!!! now all you need is a parrot and a peg leg!

  9. What a coincidence--my Irish accent always sounds like a pirate! :D


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