Thursday, August 5, 2010

Orange You Glad? Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

Dark chocolate is my weakness. Forget milk chocolate or the wretched white chocolate. Only dark for me, please. Rarely do I want anything messing with my dark chocolate. Except for the occasional toasted almond or orange zest.
Okay, I think this may be the third time I've referred to this recipe, but who cares? Good is good. Here it is again. The first installment, I used it as an egg-free option for my tiny-hiney's first birthday, and then for my emergency chocolate craving satisfied through it's moist texture and a rich waterfall of ganache. Craving chocolate yet?

This rif on the the above recipe was born out of, once again, necessity. I didn't have the heavy cream for the ganache and I was out of powdered sugar for the icing. I wanted something to dress up these cupcakes, so I perused the kitchen and there before me was a giant orange that had been setting on my counter for...a while. It ended up being just what the mama ordered.

Your wondering, how did she make the icing then? Well, leftover from Tiny's birthday, was a container of totally allergy-free frosting. Weirdo consistency, kinda runny/sticky. Stretches way out and hangs, BUT it tastes very good. It's great for making old man frosting beards on unsuspecting three year old children.

I added half of the giant orange zest to the cupcake batter and the other half to the frosting. I made supremes out of the orange and placed them on top. It was just a delightful layering of textures! First, juicy bursting orange segment. Followed by sticky, extremely sweet frosting with a punch of orange esscence, then the soft, moist, less sweet crumb of the chocolate cake. They were so good!

So! If you do not have the allergy free frosting, (I apologize for not having the name brand to tell you. I did get it at Super Target- of all places.) I would make a simple glaze of powdered sugar, milk or water, vanilla and add the zest. Like you would for a cinnamon roll.

Here's the recipe for chocolate cupcakes...remember it's egg-free and vegan friendly!

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