Thursday, September 30, 2010

Party Like It's My Birthday!

Just a tiny peek at what's to come...he, he.

Wait, it actually is my birthday. Yes, I turn the big 33 today. It couldn't have come at a better time to create a "luxury dinner party"...ehmmm, which would be even more fabulous if I could use it for the next round of Project Food Blog. (Hint, hint. Or wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.) Yes, I am going to ask for your vote again, just in case you forgot.

What could be a better birthday present?

I know, you all are probably so tired of hearing me beg and gravel for votes, dress up in stupid outfits and act accordingly.  It just shows how much I really love doing this! I feel so alive and excited because I'm doing stuff I've never done before! Like a dinner party.

I've been working 2 days already on just this party. Menu planning, table scaping, shopping, crafting, cooking and photographing. My kids are bored and annoyed, but it's my birthday. (I'm going to milk this, 'til it runs dry).

It will be a small, intimate party with a three course meal. I didn't want to kill myself with work or kill the budget, but somehow I managed to still spend too much. I told the Hubs to take me to Taco Bell for our night out together to celebrate, somehow thinking that would lessen the blow of what I spent, but also hoping he wouldn't agree. Unfortunately, he said something to the effect, "Okay." Hmm. Why did I say Taco Bell? I hate Taco Bell.

So here it is Foodies, and hopefully not for the last time. You have until 6PM Pacific Time today!:


Thank you so much to everyone who has voted already and your kind comments. I try to visit each one of your blogs in return for your comment, instead of posting comments on my own blog. Not quite sure of the etiquette on that. But thank you again, and whether I make it or not to the next round, this next post will be a rockin' one (that's the plan anyway!).

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