Sunday, July 25, 2010

Props Prowl

I'm on the prowl for props. Not like, "hey, give the girl some props!" kind of props (though, I will never turn down one of those props) but more like vintage bowls, plates, cups, silverware, linens props for my foodie pictures. I feel like I've been using the same 3 plates for my pictures since I started this crazy adventure. It's high time I find some new stuff.

My mom and dad were in town the last 10 days and we toted the kids to a little town here in Texas called Bellville. Not much there. But there is one store that was so great, Nothing Ordinary. It is filled top to bottom with goodies.

Each child was pawned off on an adult. Three kids and four adults, okay, we can do this. As you all know, three year old children love to touch everything. I still love to touch everything as I wander through the store, so I felt sorta bad staying on them so much about not touching when I turned around and picked up a glass plate, but as I often say, "only mommies can do this".

I decided that because my littlest one was crabby and I wasn't so confident that I could maneuver his stroller through the store of teetering antique shelves with loads of depression glass, that I would break out the "slingshot" as I like to call it, or as it's really called, The Moby Wrap. For those of you who do not know what it is, it's a baby carrier but made out of a gigantic piece of fabric that is stretchy and soft. You wrap yourself in it, now resembling Pancho Villa, and stick your baby in it, giving you hands-free shopping abilities...sorta.

I faced him outwards so he could see everything and be more pacified. What I didn't think of was that his arms are longer than I remember and so I had to try and look at things or pick things up with an extra foot and a half distance between me and the potential prop. His arms were like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea but in a cuter, more babyish way, but just as annoying! This makes for a weird, squatting-like-Chris-Farley-in-the-"Down-By-The-River"-skit way of shopping. Trust me on this. All of that ridiculousness and still he was fast but I had to be faster.

Regardless of batting away his hands from china and delicate figurines, I found some goodies. I have a gravy boat fetish and any kind of unusual tea cup fetish. I love cookie cutters and cool silverware. These just happened to have an "L" engraved on them, so it was a sign that I was supposed to get them. I don't know if the hubs thought that was much of a "sign". 

Somehow, I exited the store when it came to ring up the bill, using the excuse that the kids needed a snack...outside. I was watching him through the wobbly, antique-y glass. I'd smile and he wasn't smiling back. Hmmm. I thought one of two things. One, he didn't seem me because there was a glare, or two, he saw me but was annoyed by the bill. Yes, it was the latter and I know this because after a moment of me staring at him with a cheesy grin, I see him silently mouth, "Forty-two dollars." Oops. He wasn't mad, just not his chipper self. I quickly reminded him of the big picture. How this forty-two dollars won't mean a thing when I am a famous blogger. I think that kinda helped.

So here's the loot.

Cool, huh? I'm quite happy with my little treasures and cannot wait to make stuff to photograph them with! I do apologize for the delay in my postings. I like to post 5 days a week, but with company and being off my schedule, I found it nearly impossible to do so. Things are getting back to normal and my mom is staying with me for a few more weeks. We are off to the antique stores again today to see what we can find! I've missed you all so much. I've got some fabulous ideas churning around in my head. 


  1. looks like you got some great stuff!!
    I have buying up things for food props, not what I ever thought I would be doing...who knew
    We have a great store called the christmas tree store that sells lots of dishes and accessories really cheap!

  2. Oh the Christmas Tree Shop is the best for these kinds of things! I need to make a stop there myself for some props :-)

  3. I like your props, all fun especially love the little cup with the green pattern, I have a dish like that on my desk with paper clips in it, I'll have to clean it out and put cookies in it, lol!

  4. Isn't it amazing what a little hobby will do to you? I love it Lauren! Can't wait to see how you use it (=

  5. Oh, I'm right there with you and i'm sure a lot of other foodies feel the same way. Must. Get. New. Stuff. hehe

  6. Really cool stuff! Love the idea of searching antiques for props. I feel the exact same way about having the same plates and things in my photos all the time. I like your pics of just the props! Looking forward to seeing them in upcoming posts.

  7. I always think of just stashing a few cups and plates in my purse when I visit a friend who seems to have an infinite collection of amazing food props that get dusty and unused. They would be happier at my house, I promise! Didn't take any yet :) Nice finds!

  8. I have been thinking that I wanted to go props hunting myself, I wish we could have gone together, it seems we have similar tastes! I too have a tea cup fetish it seems... I have the same plates etc for taking all my photos, but yet a cupboard full of unique tea cups and saucers, hahah. :) I love the beauties you found, hopefully my luck will be as good when I go searching!

  9. thanks everyone! so glad you enjoyed them. It is fun to find little treasures and mix and match things you like. I went again yesterday and found some more great finds! You will be seeing them soon:) Cheers, Foodie Friends!

  10. I love all these goodies! That blue cup and saucer set is definitely my favorite, although all of them are really cute.


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