Monday, August 2, 2010

Who's That Lady? Mom's Big 60!

That's my mom and it's her birthday today. The big 6-0. She's a beauty of a mom and woman. Taught me lots of things like how to appreciate beauty in the everyday, laugh at the ridiculous and the importance of a craft. So we took her out and let her get smashed. Well, not really. Maybe just a little tipsy..."mom tipsy".

My parents, aren't they cute and youthful? I love this picture.

We celebrated a little early. We splurged at Capital Grille, here in Houston. It's one of our favorite restaurants for special occasions. A beautiful red rose was waiting for mom at the table when we arrived, as well as a card signed by all the employees. Confetti danced across the table and champagne was served as soon as we champagne.

Mom had a few sips of her gratis champagne and started saying how she could already "feel it". She slowed down on that, so she could order something harder. Something they like to call the Doli Stoli. Fresh, sweet Dole pineapple soaked in Stoli vodka for 2 weeks then served to unsuspecting moms like mine. I believe it too, was also on the house.

 She nursed the drink while enjoying her first course of Tomato, Basil and fresh mozzarella salad with 12 year old Balsamic vinegar. Gorgeous.

I had the Wedge salad but I was too busy doing this to get a good picture.

See how the hubs tolerates me? That's my swagger, yo!

(Elain:[telling Jerry about her date the night before] Yada yada yada...I had the lobster bisque.
Jerry: What!? You just "yada, yada, yada-ed" over the best part.
Elaine: I did mention the lobster bisque.) 

Okay, it may be a bit butchered, but I can't help but think of that episode of Seinfeld EVERYTIME someone says "lobster bisque". It's a sickness. Anyways, both the boys had to get it. It was served with a table-side addtion of sherry. They were most pleased with the accutrement. We all had to try it. It's like liquid butter and lobster stock with the hint of sherry.


The main reason I love Capital Grille, as far as food goes, is for the aged sirloin. Remember, I'm meat and taters girl, so for me, this place is heaven. Here it is in all it's glory, bone-in, porcini crusted and seared to a perfect medium temperature. Mom and I split the steak because only a caveman could consume such a side of meat, and being as we are such dainty women, we had no choice but to split it...and we still had enough to bring home and eat for lunch the next day!

Dad was a member of the "clean plate club", as he likes to call it, after completely enjoying this decedent "Oscar" tenderloin. Succulent tenderloin topped with jumbo lump crab and a hollandaise sauce.

Mom and I have a love affair with lavosh crackers or bread, whatever it is, we love it! I remember as a child getting it at the store and rushing home to smear butter over it and eat with reckless abandonment. I happily re-lived that memory as I ordered an extra basket of it, you know, to soak up the champagne.

Then came dessert. Not just one, but three! We were already stuffed to the hilt with meat, lobster bisque, salad, fried calamari and lavosh. Now we have to conquer THREE desserts? Okay.


What happened to the 59 other candles?

All in all, I think mom had a blast. It was nice to be out without the kids, be regular grown-ups, not as in "normal", but as in non-parents and just celebrate together the life of the most important woman in my life, my mom. I love you, MOM!


  1. Have yet to go to Capital Grill... mostly due to the fact that I don't eat meat. But the food in your pictures looks fantastic and it sounds like your mom had a great time.

  2. Brian-that would be a problem. I can't say that they have a very good vegatarian menu...if at all. that's a bummer. they should have more variety than just meat.

  3. Wow, that food look absolutely amazing!!

    Your mother is gorgeous! You have great genes, lucky lady! It also looks like you all had a wonderful time!

    Like your mother, I can start to feel champagne after a few sips. I have the worst alcohol tolerance.

  4. You sweet daughter!!! What a lovely way to celebrate her big day.

    Hey, kids o' mine... I've got a biggie coming up this year, too. Don't forget!!!!

    Lauren, could you remind my kids that their mom has got one of those zero-ending b-days later this year, and maybe give them a few tips on how to make her feel like a queen???

    Thanks for the glimpse into your lovely life. I see that the apple doesn't fall from the tree. You and yourmom share a gleam.

  5. oh my I love that Seinfeld episode, we are die hard Seinfeld groupies...well, then again, half of my family IS straight out of any of the Seinfeld episodes while the other half is straight out of a Soprano's episode...I could keep ya rollin' all night with impersonations from either side...NEVER a dull moment at one of my family get togethers I tell ya....happy birthday to mom!!! my mom is 62 and I bet they would get along famously - she gets "mom tipsy" pretty easily too *hehe* oh bella it looks like a glorious evening indeed....xoxo

  6. such a fab way to celebrate her big day. I love that y'all belong to the clean plate club. I'm a big fan too :)

  7. OH my goodness. I heart your mom. Also, really?! She's 60? She a. looks awesome and b.looks just like you!

  8. Ditto everything that you said about your parents. To celebrate our recent move they bought Ann and I lunch on Sunday here in the KC River Market. Your folks are good friends and some of the most generous, sweetest, kindest and spiritual people we know. And neither one of them act their age. :)


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