Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Introducing My New (And Cheap) Campaign Managers!

Hey Foodies! I've enlisted my two oldest kiddos to do my dirty work for me...be my campaign managers. They are quite creative, as you can see, and while they are occasionally distracted, they kept on-point for most of the poster-making session.

All work stops as a helicopter flies overhead.

Hey, at least its cheap. All they require are goldfish and water for payment.

Of course I am going to use their cuteness to get you to vote for me. I've got my wheels turning and burning in this foodie-licious brain and I really want to make it to that next challenge: Reinventing the Classics.

You do have to register with Foodbuzz to vote, if you haven't already, but no worries, it's super easy. You don't have to have a blog to be apart of Foodbuzz.com. It's for anyone who loves to eat or cook or both! It just chuck-full of great recipes and ideas, I promise you'll never get bored on in this community!

I mean, could you say "no" to this face? I rest my case.

So CLICK HERE to go to my submission and click the heart to vote for me! Remember, you only have until the 23rd!

Thank you!!!!

love ya, Foodies.


  1. You already had a vote from me, but I wish I could of given you two! I could never say no to those cute little faces! Way to put the team to work! Wishing you the best of luck!

  2. THAT is NO FAIR! When you have two sweet faces like that asking for votes it just isn't fair. I will forgo the contest if you swap your kids for all my votes.

  3. Great idea! How fun --- for them and for you and readers. :)

  4. You were one of the first ones I voted for! The kids are darling. Great way to enlist them to help :-) Kate

  5. You have my vote! These pictures are absolutely precious...they made me smile.

  6. I've already voted for you, but these sweet faces may have me opening another account! ;0 Good luck!

  7. D'oh! I wish I'd thought to use my kid to stump for votes for me! If I hadn't already voted for you, I would do so now.

  8. I don't think it gets much cuter! They are adorable and you can tell how proud they are of mommy :o)

  9. Yep! They did it! Over the top! I see you advanced to the next round. Congrats Lauren, well-deserved.
    P.S. There was no cuter post for the competition than this one. I hope you continue to keep them on as your managers! Every week!


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