Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Opera Eggs

Watch this scene from Moonstruck...it's one of the best scenes in the movie. So great! If the screen is black just click on it. (I apologize for the Geico commercial)

If I were take deviled eggs to the opera, they would have to be dressed up.

Cher goes to the opera. She acts reluctant, but in the quiet of her house as she is getting ready you can see the excitement bubble up. She's gone and had her grays covered, makeup done,  and buys a sassy little frock. She mets Nick Cage, wonky wooden hand and all, at the opera. She cries some of the most beautiful movies tears you have ever seen. I could go on and on. But I'm really here for the eggs. Speaking of eggs, this is such a "foodie" movie, the best toad-in-the-hole breakfast ever and made by Olivia Dukakis, no less.

Right, back to the eggs. Normally I think picnics and potlucks when I think deviled eggs. There's simply nothing wrong with that, just like there wasn't anything wrong with Cher in Moonstruck at the beginning of the movie, BUT she did long for some pampering and love...so do my deviled eggs.

I gladly answered their cry for a make-over. Rummaging through the frig is always the best way to find inspiration. I found some green onions, half a lemon that needed to be used, fresh dill, a half-eaten block of cream cheese, oh, and not found in the frig were two eager helpers. Eager doesn't usually equal delicate or gentle in my book, especially when it comes to three year olds peeling hard boiled eggs. I think Lily actually took the egg and whacked it on the counter like she was cracking a nut, split the darn thing in two. When that didn't work I sent them over to the sink to play in the dirty dishes...they happily obliged.

The way I grew up eating deviled eggs was the way my mom made them and I still think they are one of the best ways to eat them. Miracle Whip, yellow mustard, salt and pepper. That's it. None of my fancy stuff, but I just had to be fancy, I had Moonstruck on the brain.

My littlest one was looking on, munching on his cracker and looks like he's got something pretty important to say. Gosh, he's cute.

I must tell you, if  you have not seen Moonstruck, you absolutely must rent it. As you can see, its one of Cher's best performances and Nick Cage (I love how I call him "Nick", like I know him personally) is a complete wild man. Awesome. If you really want to get crazy, play La Boheme, while you make these.

Opera Egg Recipe (Made-over Deviled Eggs)

6 eggs, hard boiled
2 tsp. lemon juice
zest of half a lemon
2 tbls. cream cheese
2 tbls. miracle whip
1 tbls. minced fresh dill
1 green onion, minced
1/4 tsp. Dijon mustard
salt and pepper
6-8 crumbled croutons (click HERE to get my Quickie Crouton Recipe and Video)
Dill to garnish with

Best way to boil and egg. Cover your eggs with water in a heavy pan. Bring just to a boil. Turn off, cover, remove from heat and let set 10 min. Perfect eggs, no ugly green ring.

Chill eggs in ice bath, peel, cut in half lengthwise. Pop out yolks and set in a bowl. Add all ingredients except for croutons and extra dill. Mix well, taste for salt and pepper and put into a ziploc bag. Snip off corner and pipe in your filling into the egg whites. Top with crushed croutons and dill. YUM!

Here are the smashed eggs my kiddos helped me with. They are beautiful in their own toddler-esque way.

You could eat your old maid deviled eggs or you could find love and romance by making these Opera Eggs...(this is where I break out into my faux opera-singing voice, preforming an impromptu aria)

Happy egg deviling, my dears.


  1. Man, I love Moonstruck. Cher is one of the few singers that can actually act. Mermaids is like my all-time favorite chick flick.

    The eggs look great. Oddly enough, I don't think I've ever made or eaten deviled eggs. Guess I need to add that to my food to do list.

  2. Great movie and recipe! One of the few Cher movies I'll watch. The egg recipe is similar to one I use. For variety, I'll substitute the onion, dill and mustard for diced cucumber,wasabi and maybe a tiny shred of nori (sea weed) for an oriental theme (serve these Opera eggs for Madame Butterfly or The Mikado.) We also take the original recipe (sans dill) and use mild chili powder for some Southwest flavor variant.

  3. HMMM - I have all of that in my frig... I think tomorrow night (when I don't have to teach a Social Security class and can have a bit of fun) I'll make these for the hubby. He said VERY plaintively last week, "You know, I REALLY love deviled eggs." Lovely photography btw :-)

  4. I admit I have never seen the movie! These eggs look awesome.

  5. Oooh, I love Moonstruck and the dill in those eggs. Tres sophisticated :) And I agree, he is uber cute!

  6. Those look great. I love moonstuck. I haven't seen that movie forever.

  7. i love moonstruck, love your eggs, so much flavor..


  8. Yum! I love deviled eggs! I also love how you called Nicholas Cage "Nick Cage". I had a geography teacher my freshman year of high school that referred to Tsar Nicholas of Russia as "Cousin Nicky". :D

  9. Your little one is a doll...And that is a great film. But these eggs, Wow:)


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