Monday, January 17, 2011

Green Monster Pizza

Do you ever have this happen, where you see just the tail end of a recipe on a cooking show and you find yourself "winging it" in the kitchen to recreate what you think you saw? That's sorta how this came about...

I had seen Giada making what I thought was a pizza with some sort of green cheese mixture for the base. I couldn't get it out of my head and rather than Google it, I decided to just try and make up my own. Besides, it's so much more fun than following a recipe, right?

Problem is, when you "wing it" it tends to be more experimentation than getting it right the first time. And sometimes it means that things happen that you don't expect. It can also mean that you end up with a giant mess in your oven of burnt, molten cheese mixture. Yum.

I should have photographed the oven after this venture. Actually, it's probably still there...ehm. I don't clean my oven. I just wait for it to burn away. Sad but true.

Although, the mess was so bad I had to scrape the pizza stone of some of the bigger bits, so I didn't set the smoke alarm off. You know it's bad when you are opening your windows in 10 degree F weather to air out the kitchen. My poor little children were shivering like Oliver Twist in an alley way.

So anyways, the problem was that this cheese mixture, although thick and dense when cold, turned into a river of cheese pouring over the sides of the crust when hot. Part of the messy problem was that I applied way to much. When I put less, it was much better.

The cheese mix

Strewn pizza dough awaiting rolling and baking in a 550 degree oven. Looks a little scared.

Delicious little bits of chicken Italian sausage, also awaiting searing hot oven heat.

I think this was the third pizza that Bubba and I made. It grew a tumor of sorts while baking and of course, it's grotesque physique found it's way into Bubba's heart and stomach.

Proud owner of the pizza tumor.

Tackling it...

Boo is on an anti-pizza run. She used to like it. None of us know where it all went wrong. So she was eating a turkey sandwich- a dismembered turkey sandwich that is.

Who needs teething toys? In this family our babies cut their teeth on stainless steel mixing bowls, guaranteeing a foodie future.

Tiny's transferring all his cubed pizza bits into the bowl and back onto his plate and not eating much of anything...ah, toddlers.

Either the last one or first one of anything you make seems to be the best. This was the last of 4 pizzas and it turned out pretty nice.  How I love making pizzas...I could make pizza all day long.

Green Cheese Mixture

*Note: Since, like most foodies, we are in the business of "winging it" these are approximate measurements, so use your best judgement. Taste and taste again, until it's how you like.

1 cup cottage cheese
1/2 cup Parmesan, grated
1/2 cup low-moisture mozzarella
1 good fistful of fresh basil leaves
3 roasted garlic cloves
Salt and pepper

Throw it all in the food processor and make into a paste.


Go wild, but I used the browned chicken Italian sausage bits and fresh tomato. Use the cheese mixture as the "sauce" and don't use too much, if you know what's good 'fer ya.

For the pizza dough recipe and video, CLICK HERE! Its super duper easy. I know the recipe says it makes enough for 2 pizzas, but I got 4 smaller ones out of it as well. My oven is smaller than my last one, so I had to adjust it.

Love ya, Foodies!


  1. Oh your itty bitties are so cute!!! I am not a risk taker in the kitchen. I have too many kitchen fails even when following a recipe. Pizza is a hit in our house... tumor free or not.

  2. Super cute post! Delilious in every way. Nice job "winging it"! Anytime I make a homemade dough for and attempt to get it on to the pizza stone, the whole house fills up with smoke - and major alarms go off! I always wonder what my neighbors think!

    The photos of the kids are grand - just adorable and the pizza looks STELLAR! - I would clean the oven for a taste!

  3. How much fun is that?! I love the green pizza...I feel like kids would love to eat green pizza too haha. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Cute photos! Homemade pizza is so fun...even when if it makes a mess :)

  5. pizza tumor! ha!
    your kids are the cutest!

  6. Your children are so adorable! I think I would went for the tumor slice, too. Yum!

  7. Ha, ha...I'm totally an improviser too so it can be difficult to give real "recipes" on the blog. That mix of ingredients sounds really yummy. But what's up with your daughter not liking pizza? What's not to like about it?! Hopefully it's just a phase she's going through:)

    Glad to see you back Ms. Thang!

  8. Your kids are so adorable, and your pictures are beautiful. If I ate cheese or meat I would make this ;) It does look really delicious.

  9. things don't always work right the first time, but it does seem like you got the hang of things eventually and thats all that really matters. Your green monster pizza looks delicious! I Think Giada would have been proud at your perseverance!

  10. Lol, the "tumor" pic is too funny. He was quite a sport. Cleaning the oven? Who does that? The final one looks good! I hope that you all are adjusting to your new place:)

  11. I actually wanted Bubba's pizza. It looks good. I adore those little faces. Love this post sweetie pie.

  12. The kids are sure loving it...too cute :) I am always winging everything, but sounds like you got it down :)

  13. They look like they're having a grand ole time!! Hey, I don't clean my oven either. =) This looks awesome...Fenway Park....

  14. The gourmet pizzas that have become popular here in the bay area seem to come with tumors on them all the time :)
    And yours looks gorgeously gourmet-ish, and just plain tasty, judging from the enjoyment on the kiddies faces.

  15. TeeHee! It looks like a calzone, mmmm!
    Experimenting in the kitchen is how masterpieces are made! Green pizzas are the only way to go.

  16. I wing it every time I cook! The kids are freaking ADORABLE!

  17. Experimentation is how I usually roll when it comes to cooking. I rarely follow recipes...and sometimes it takes a few tries before I perfect what I'm aiming for! This green pizza looks pretty amazing. I love those "tumors" that form on pizza, and I could have easily devoured that whole pie! Thank you for sharing your tasty recipe with me. I hope you had a great day...may tomorrow be even better!

  18. I'm watching Giada right now! haha This pizza looks like a great idea. Looks like you had some pretty delicious results for simply "winging it." Yum!

  19. Why do kids decide that they don't like pizza all of a sudden? I understand your toddler dilemma too.

    I hope your oven burns the mess away quickly.

  20. I made your pizza tonight (I've literally stared at it for a couple of weeks now!) and I adore it! I'm not a big red sauce fan so this is perfect. I didn't know how long to bake the pie so I left it in 10 minutes and it was perfect. Mine did, however, end up with six tumors. (o:


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