Saturday, January 8, 2011

Drinking It Up

Coming home means lots of things. One of those things is revisiting places near and dear to my heart. Places where childhood dreams were born, creative whims were inspired and waves of comfort come in the form of a perfectly poured latte- and not one from Starbucks.

I squealed with delight when the barista handed this to me...

and I think he thought me a little strange for doing so, but I didn't care. This was a Latte Land latte. I only know of them in K.C. You must know by now, my love for small, non-corporate coffeehouses. They also had wonderful molasses ginger cookies that went perfectly with my luscious, milky drink.

Last weekend, mom and I took a little jaunt down to the Plaza, here in Kansas City. If you haven't heard, it's one of the most beautiful places in K.C. It's over 75 years old, with fabulous architecture, shopping and an overall sense of beauty everywhere you look.

Kansas City is second to Rome in the fountains department (sorry no pictures of any, as they are all shut off for the winter. When they come back on I will do a post on the fountains- they truly are spectacular.) There are breathtaking sculptures which are studded in and around the entire Plaza. They pop up where you least expect, like 'ol Benjamin Franklin there. I took the time to interrupt his reading of the Declaration of Independence by sitting on his knee in my "Buffalo Coat"- as the Hubs likes to call it. The coat makes me feel lumpy- not quite sure if that's a good thing.

Isn't Ben cute? Notice the store that is directly behind him? Yes.

Mom had to pose with the birds. I really like this picture of her. She's so cute.

I mean really...this gorgeous sculpture was at the entrance of the parking garage! So beautiful.
I could say something about "buns of bronze". Okay, so I did. They are really nice buns.

 Now a visit to the Plaza just wouldn't be complete without an in-depth browsing of my absolute favorite store, Anthropologie. I walk into that store and get inspired from the top of my dish-water blond rooted head down to my un-pedicured toenails. The colors of the dishware to the styling of an apron (which I have a penchant for) simply sends me. I must smell every available candle and touch every fabric. I try on all hats regardless of price. I purposely comment every time that when I am rich someday, I will wear all clothes from Anthropologie and decorate my house to look like one of the stores...every time.

Teacups...another "penchant" item.


Who wouldn't want a set of these?

I needed a little drool trough for the saliva that came rolling over my lip and onto my shoe. I can't stop thinking about these little glasses.

So my dear Foodies, that's a mini tour. We've merely scratched the surface on the Plaza and I will surely be doing more posts on it. The Hubs and I had many dates there and he proposed to me at an adorable little restaurant called the Classic Cup there. I feel a Valentine's post coming on....hmmm.

Love Ya, Foodies!


  1. One of the guys I work with lived in KC for about 12 years or so, and has pictures of the Plaza in his office--It looks really cool--Cool enough that I'd love to visit some day!

  2. You sweetie. Thanks for the nice stroll down your lane, memory and modern-day. I have no idea where my "home" is, I've lived in so many places. The place I've lived the longest feels the least like home, so I really, really am one who thinks that home is wherever the people you love are. So glad you are home, with the people you love and the roots you made.

    I've been missing ya, sister. Thanks for touching base.
    My best,

    (ps- Your mom is too cute. I think we could be friends, too,)

  3. You are so cute! If I could tell you how much I love your jacket I would. Also your adorable mom is wearing the exact glasses that I have. Glad to see you are settling back in.

  4. I had no idea Kansas City was home to fountains and such delights. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh my gosh, Anthropologie is the best! It's completely impossible not to start spazzing the second you enter the store. Their decorating section is so beautiful. You've got good taste! :D

  6. ....sigh......all those lil vintage treasures are so glorious.....I, too, am an anthropolgie lover that mostly drools as I touch every single thing in the store, but if oh if I had the fundage....just one indulgent shopping spree there....Lord have mercy! I did splurge there once, I bought two incredible headbands with the most delicate gorgeous flowers on them, spent about $50+ on the two of them which I normally would never do....but something came over me and I did....this was 2 years ago, but I always get compliments on them when I wear them.....don't even get me started on those vintage aprons, and the knobs for drawers.....sigh....LOL

  7. I love this post...and the sculptures! Can't wait till they turn on the fountains! And yes, your mom is really is her daughter!
    I'm so happy that you are home and enjoying all the goodness that comes with it!
    Love, Lorraine

  8. I die everytime go to a Anthropologie...thank goodness I live in BFE now and I dont die too often anymore. Thanks for sharing a bit of KC! :)

  9. Thanks for the tour! (And I love indie coffee houses too!!!)

  10. Yay...Lauren's back! I'm glad you're settling back in at home. Must be wonderful to be around your family!!

  11. Well I think you and I would be fast friends if we met in real life. Not only do I enjoy quite a few lattes from non corporate coffee houses, but I also adore Anthro. I was just there this afternoon! You and your mom are so pretty. I loved seeing you two! Thanks for sharing, sweet girl.

  12. Oh home sweet home. I'm glad I still live in my home town... most of the time ;)
    They are very beautiful glasses! I hate finding things I never knew I couldn't live without!
    Seriously, second to Roma huh? Yes, you must post pics! I love fountains, have a beautiful stone carved one with lion heads in my backyard. love it!

  13. I was just at Anthropologie this morning. Ahhhh! So glad you're in the neighborhood.


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