Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Duo Of Nap Time Snacks

I don't quite know what it is, but when nap time rolls around, I tend to celebrate with a snack. It could be for a couple of reasons: A. I didn't get to eat much of a lunch (as I am more of a short-order cook rather than a diner in my own house during the frenzied lunchtime rush of my three children). B. I simply get so excited about having some peace and quiet that I yank the Nutella out of the pantry with exaggerated Kung-Fu moves.

One snack is healthy the other is is not. I like giving my readers options, ya know? You like that, right?

I adore cottage cheese. I have very fond memories of eating bowlfuls of the stuff with canned peaches and pears (in heavy syrup, of course) over the top. Well, nowadays, I don't do canned fruit. So here's my updated and more healthy version, which honestly tastes better.

1/2 cup lowfat, organic cottage cheese
1/2 organic peach or pear, sliced
drizzle of raw, organic agave
One issue House Beautiful or Food and Wine magazine

You could layer it into a parfait or do like I did, make it all dainty in a tea cup. Whatever suits your nap time (or anytime really) hankerings.

Alright, so the above is super healthy. This little guy below...not so much.

He looks kinda dejected, huh? He's not really. I accepted him heartily and fully into my giant mouth of pearly chompers. Gosh, it was so good. What is this unhealthy-ish snack? Well, maybe it's not too unhealthy. Two out of the 3 ingredients are actually pretty good for you. It's that dang Nutella.

So stack these three ingredients up for a super satisfying (mainly for the sweet tooth in us all) snack:

One brown rice cake
One heaping tablespoon Nutella (don't be chintzy!)
6-7 sliced banana
Dash of Kung-Fu moves (optional)

It's not only the taste that is so great, but the textures. If you have been reading this blog for any time at all, you know that I am huge on texture. Most things I eat need to have some form of crunch or it's just not worth eating. The creaminess of the bananas and Nutella play beautifully together. Add a glass of milk and you just entered snack time heaven.

Being a stay-at-home mommy is a hard job, but your snacks don't have to be! That sounded like a commercial on much-too-late night t.v.

Well, Foodies, whether you are a stay-at-home mommy, working mommy, not-a-mommy or daddy, everyone needs a good snack. Maybe I will make snack posts a regular thing. I've got some more yummy ones up my sleeve.

Love ya, Foodies!


  1. Love your ideas for snacks - they both look yummy. The second one isn't really unhealthy - a fairly healthy way of getting a chocolate kick.
    My boys have now dropped their naps and boy do I miss that half hour to myself with a cup of tea, a chocolate bar and time to catch up on my blogs. But, I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds so not sneaking off for a chocolate bar might just help. I was never as good as you - my snacks were always the easy option!

  2. Nutella isn't THAT bad for you! Sure, it's got a little extra sugar in it, but it's also packed full of hazelnuts and skim milk. I bet you could probably make a pretty darn good homemade version of Nutella...

  3. Both super yummy snacks; I'm sure you burn off that Nutella with child chasing anyways!

  4. Wait.
    Nutella is not healthy?


  5. LOL!! NEVER be chintzy with the Nutella, that could very well be the unpardonable sin!!! I could so picture you doing Kung Fu moves at the pantry door :)

  6. Let me tell you, all THREE ingredients above are healthy, especially the Nutella! Didn't anyone ever tell you that chocolate is good for your heart, and hazelnuts too? ;-)


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