Friday, February 24, 2012

Egg-Free Fruit Tart And Other Make-Shift Business

 Hello, dear Foodies! Long time, no blogging. I know. I wanted to let you know that I've been working away in my "studio" a.k.a dining room table, creating decorative pillow cover designs for my Etsy shop, Alice's Pocket. You can see a glimpse of my shop to the right... It's really fun with lots of eclectic bits. My pillows covers have been selling well and have even gotten some media attention!

~Q and A Interview in the Kansas City Star

~Mrs. Blanding's Blog post

~and I will be on our local Fox 4 Sunday Morning show this Sunday, the 26th at 8:10 am! They want me to do a short segment on how to make a pillow and have some of my designs displayed! I'm super excited and a little nervous because it's live!! I don't want to trip or flip flop my words around and say something like "cillow povers", because I do that a lot.

So, as you can see much has been happening since I opened it's doors and I'm finding myself more and more consumed with creating new designs and curating more vintage pieces (which the Hubs and I collect together) and neglecting my food blog. I've really missed blogging but I've missed the community of bloggers even more. This is my shout-out from my felt pit (I use Eco-friendly felt to create my pillow covers). I'm still kicking and I've got a new recipe for you too!

As you might know, eggs are not so friendly in our family. Two out of the five of us do respond kindly to them, so when it comes to baking, in particular, I'm always faced with de-egging sweet treats.

For years, fruit tart has been the Hubs birthday treat of choice- he's not a cake guy. Most fruit tarts have a sweet, custard-y filling that, of course, has eggs. So I found myself drawing inspiration from a friend, who made a lovely filling for a strawberry shortcake she made, which had yogurt and cream cheese.

It turned out beautifully! It was kinda like if a cheesecake and a fruit tart had a baby. I'm not a cheesecake kind of girl, but this is not as rich as a cheesecake. It's super fresh tasting and very satisfying...and a heck of a lot easier than making a custard.

 Egg-free Fruit Tart

use your favorite pie crust recipe for a single crust...or use my favorite
press it into a 10" tart pan with a removable bottom, and blind bake


1 softened block of cream cheese
1 16oz. container Fage or similar Greek yogurt (I used full-fat)
1/4 cup powdered sugar (adjust to taste)
juice of 1/2 lemon
zest of 1 lemon
1 tsp. vanilla extract

Whip on high in your mixer for 3-5 minutes. Fill cooled crust (or stick your face in it). Top with 9 halved strawberries around the edge and fill center with a heaping mound of blueberries (about 1 cup). Chill at least one hour.

Love Ya, Foodies!


  1. Yay Lauren! So good to have you back on the block!! Man, is this ever beautiful! Do you ever bake with egg replacer that vegans use? I made a batch of cookies with it over Christmas and honestly couldn't tell a difference at all. Kind of a wonder product, really.

    Glad to see your creative venture is taking off. I'm sure you will be super entertaining and charming on-air!! Wish I was local so I could catch it.

    Glad to see all is well with you and thanks for your warm wishes on my page this afternoon. XOXO, Jenn

  2. What a GREAT substitution!!! It sounds much lighter and better than custard or cheesecake. BTW - I'll be out that direction in May again - hope we can head back to Gates where I'll get burnt ends this time :-)

  3. tee hee hee, if a cheesecake and a fruit tart had a baby had me snickering through this entire post. The tart rocks. Oh bella how I miss your posts. But I am SUPER excited for your new venture, Alice's Pocket is OFF DA surprises there. I want to see the fox tv clip!!! KEEP SHINING bella, YOU ARE A BEACON OF LIGHT!!!!


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