Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mommy Snack

 Here's a quick little snack for you, mommy or not. I call it "Mommy Snack" because it's what I eat during nap time. Everything is quiet except for my loud, joyous munching. You know, I like something special just for me, minus the sharp, whiny cries of my brood. Simple, healthy and delish...most important. Assemble and eat.

Mommy Snack Recipe

1 rice cake (I like Lundberg brand, brown rice and organic)
1 tbls. peanut butter
1 fresh strawberry, sliced
drizzle of honey or agave nectar

Enjoy your snack time a little better with this Mommy snack.


  1. thanks Dennis...I think I may go make one right now:)

  2. Mommy snack....I like this! Wine on the side, perhaps? ;)

    PS...thanks for your sweet comments on the blog! ♥

  3. You got it! Wine for sure, well, maybe not until they go to bed at night, but yes...;)
    No problem. I just really love decorating cookies, so when I saw your blog and how well done it is I got really excited!

  4. am not a mommy, but i'm still having this snack! thanks for sharing...
    love the photos

  5. Thanks for stopping by Ela! I love fresh herbs too btw! If you notice, I think I've used them in every video! I just grow them in the back yard. Make sure to send me a post when you post next on your blog:)

  6. I would eat that, and enjoy it.


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