Monday, June 14, 2010

What's Your Favorite Kitchen Gadget?

I find myself using my hand-mixer or immersion blender, as some call it, time and time again. Smoothies, soups, pastry creams, the list goes on and on. Just for the sake of curiosity and because it's fun, I want to know what your favorite kitchen tool is. Just list it below in the comment box!


  1. A spatula to the stir the pot and then claim that I was responsible for making the dish:)

  2. you are going to laugh....but my mini george foreman grill is the best darn grilled cheese maker on the planet - any panini for that matter, and I'm talking grilled to perfection - I don't use it for anything else but to grill sandwiches and I use it religiously - oh the creations that have poured forth thanks to that handy lil machine :)

  3. That's great jaime! i have one of those things but I never use it. I may have to break it out for a sandwich. great idea!

  4. Yes! I finally treated myself to one...thank you Sur La Table and Cuisinart for making a reasonably priced one...and I love it!

    I couldn't live without my KitchenAid stand mixer, though.

  5. I know! I cried the year I got my Kitchen Aid Mixer. I know, ridiculous but true. I wanted one since I was twelve and when my in-laws got it for me I was over the moon.


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