Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mama Needs Some Comfort

Challenges tend to be challenging...right? This last week's preparations for Challenge #7 for Project Food Blog have left me a bit frustrated. I completed one video last week, then found out we had an extra week to prepare, so I decided to do something different...which lead to more time to think, which in turn, led to more ideas and another video. In that time, I lost two days of filming (well, two naptimes worth) to a "corrupt" disc. I don't know how that happened. I had my 15 minutes of pouting and got back to work. I'm really hoping you like what I've done. It's one part campy ridiculousness and one part informative recipe demonstration (kinda like the blog), which hopefully will equal your enjoyment.

I found myself furiously chopping zucchini innards, for the recipe I'm about to share with you, and realized how stressed I was. What I needed was a really comforting, cozy meal to get me back on track. So I give you these adorable stuffed zucchinis, which are a marriage of Italian and Lebanese flavors, baked to tender perfection and served piping hot. Oh! Did I mention that we actually had some cool weather to serve these with? Yes, a chilly 55 degrees outside. Finally! Some appropriate seasonal weather- cannot stress to you how happy it makes me.

Stuffed Zucchinis

6 servings
Oven 400 degrees

1 lb. ground beef
1 tsp. allspice
pinch ground clove
salt and pepper
2/3 cup favorite marinara sauce
2-3 slices provolone cheese
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
6 small round zucchinis

Start by preheating your oven to 400 degree. Brown the meat with the spices, salt and pepper. Add the marinara sauce and let simmer. Meanwhile, cut the tops off of your adorable zucchinis. Scoop out the insides and chop up approx. half of them and add it to the meat mixture. Let this simmer for another 5 minutes.

Inside of the hollowed out zucchinis, place a good amount of provolone cheese (as much as you like) and then fill to the brim with the meat mixture. Top each one with a generous amount of Parmesan cheese. Place in a deep baking dish with an inch of water. Cover tightly with aluminum foil. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes until zucchinis are tender but not mushy. Serve with a salad and crusty bread.

Love Ya, Foodies!

P.S. I should be posting my video on Saturday. I'm excited to share it with you!


  1. These zucchinis might be the cutest things ever! Where did you find them in this cute round shape? I have not seen them like this in either the grocery store or the farmer's market! I guess if I couldn't find that shape, this could work as a zucchini boat, right?

    I don't know what it is about little fat round things... like when you can find the cokes at Holiday time that are small and round? It's just visually pleasing for some reason.

    Except when we are talking about people... to my dismay, being short and round doesn't work so well for me...

    Oh well.

    Great recipe! I'll definitely try this!

  2. looks SOOOO good! and **YAY!!** for the cooler weather!! I know what you mean girl, the last two days of the "teething chronicles" have been filled with tears and not enough sleep...oh and the kids have been cranky too ;) haha but seriously it's been a major whinefest over here, BLESS THEIR HEARTS! Can't wait to see your video, I am convinced it is full of creative awesomeness AS USUAL DAHHH-ling

  3. Let's see both videos! Please??

  4. So very very pretty, Lauren. These look fab, and I can't wait to see that video! I was even beginning to wonder if they are planning to show the videos at the gala on Saturday night. Wouldn't that be fun? Do you know? If so I'll be whopping it up big time for you. And know that I'll be pushing "Vote For Lauren" all the way.

    My ideas always come too late (my mom always said I was a day late and a dollar short), but I wish I had some Foodie House buttons to pass out on your behalf. D*mn that that idea didn't come a week ago.

  5. These are adorable little zucchinis! They're so much cuter as spheres.
    This recipe sounds like the perfect comforting dish. Love the combo of Lebanese and Italian flavors. Using allspice and clove always makes me feel like it really is fall/winter.
    Good luck on the challenge!

  6. these look so pretty,I wonder if these would freeze well for quick lunches??

  7. We are all excited to see your video. I'm sure I will LOVE what you put together. You are one talented woman. And these little zucchinis look adorable. Not only do they present beautifully, but I'm sure they taste even better. Bring on the cheese! Thank you for sharing such a comforting dish.

  8. So cute! I love the allspice inthe sauce, thanks for the dinner idea!
    That's to bad about all the frusteration and stress re the competition. That's what I for saw in my future so I didn't even go there, to many challenges and lost sleep for me!
    I did however just submit to be entered in an Iron Foodie competion thru Foodie BlogRoll. I'm a gluten for punishment. My reasoning is that only 25 people get selected and it's only 1 chanllenge. My OCD can handle that.....

  9. Your zucchini looks awesome. Looking forward to seeing that video!

  10. I saw these little beuties while in Frankfurt. I was so focused on purchasing crabmeat that I didn't think to buy them. Now I want to go back even more. Man, I am sorry about the corrupt video! I, too, would love to see both videos!! CAN NOT WAIT!!

  11. Hey girls! Thanks so much for your comments!

    Liz- OKay, I wish they had a sign out for what those little guys are called, but I got them at Whole Foods. They were so gorgeous I couldn't resist! You are a hoot, by the way!

    Jamie- Oh, I so feel your pain! i know, you feel bad for them yet you want to pull your hair out too! Teething sucks for everyone involved. you're such a great mama, Jamie. Hang in there girl!

    Fiona- Well, I've thought about it. Thank you so much for asking, Fiona! Maybe I can do that later.

    Pam- You crack me up! Thank you so much for your support Pam. The button idea is awesome, but who wants to be passing those out when you can be partying? Have a great time Pam! Oh, to answer you question about showing the videos...doesn't look like they would do that because they have extended it another week. I guess some people didn't realized they couldn't use copyright music, so they are giving them an extra week to fix that.

    Karen- thank you, and I totally agree about the spices, they are so holiday-ish!

  12. Josie- I think that is a great idea, Josie! I'm sure they would and would heat up very quickly.

    Monet- thank you sweet, Monet! I love the cheese too. Now I'm wishing I would have put a little bit more!

    Gwen- Um, yes...stress and lost sleep at times. I will have to check out that Iron Foodie thing. When can I vote for you? That sounds awesome!

    Beth- Thank you, Beth. We now have to wait one more week! I'm getting antsy over here.

    Sommer- Hey Mama! Well, I would most likely be focused on crabmeat over zucchini anyday! Wow, I will like to see what you make with that. sounds so good right now!

  13. These stuffed zucchinis are adorable! Beautiful photos!

  14. Can't wait to see the videos :-) What adorable little zukes!! Trying to read AND watch the game and the Colts are not doing well...

  15. Lauren, the tiny zucchinis are adorable! And look most delicious once stuffed with goodness and baked . .. can't wait to see the video! Cheers, Michelle

  16. They look great and I am sure your video is going to be awesome. You always make me laugh. In a good way I mean...

  17. I can't wait to see your video Lauren, I am sure you are going to be the star of this challenge!

  18. Those are truly adorable, Lauren! Hope they comforted you in the face of all that frustration. But we know you will rock it, despite all the hassles. You always do!

  19. These stuffed zucchini (zucchinis?) look so beautiful! So much great color and flavor. I'd love to have a huge plateful of these now that things have finally gotten cold down here in H-Town. :D

    Oh, and I can't wait to see your video!


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